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Investor Relations

UCL 95th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders (PDF 70.49 KB)

Proxy Form – download and print (PDF 57.63 KB)

Management Proxy Circular (PDF 55.82 KB)

Unilever Caribbean Limited

We have been pioneers, innovators and future makers, operating in Trinidad and Tobago since 1929.

Today Unilever Caribbean Limited operates in Trinidad & Tobago and the Southern Caribbean territories including the Dutch Antilles, the OECS countries, Guyana and Suriname Caribbean with its head office located in Port of Spain Trinidad.

What we do

We supply products and brands with purpose that people love.

We provide personal care products, household care essentials, indulgent ice-creams, luxurious affordable skin cleansing soaps and many more, and we want every one of those products to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who buy them.

Many of our brands are familiar favourites all over the Caribbean and beyond.

Breeze, Quix, Cif, Lifebuoy, Axe, Dove, Degree, Hellmann’s, Ben and Jerry’s, Magnum and Vaseline are just some of our best known brands across the Caribbean which meet the specific needs of consumers.

We continue to use insight and innovation to ensure these brands perform for consumers, and we make sure that our brands take action on the issues that consumers care about.

Purpose-led, Future-fit

The world doesn’t stand still – and neither do we.
Not only do we embrace change, but we also seek to make it.
That applies to our brands – which achieve positive change through their purpose and value chains.
It also applies to our business – which we are making future-fit, faster, and more flexible.
Our employees are key to our success. They deliver our growth strategy and represent our purpose in action. Their insight and innovation drive us to anticipate and act on the trends shaping our industry and our world.

Together, we’re redefining the future of work - more diverse, more inclusive, highly skilled and high-performing. And as a company, we’re redefining the way business is done.

That’s how we’ll make sustainable living commonplace.

Unilever Caribbean Ltd By-Laws

Unilever Caribbean Ltd By-Laws (PDF 477.9 KB)

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