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The healing power of Vaseline

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For over 140 years, the Vaseline® brand has been passionate about healing all skin - from the everyday to the toughest conditions. An authority on skin and skincare, Vaseline knows that when skin is healed, it can do amazing things

The Vaseline brand was built on the healing efficacy of Vaseline Jelly. Invented in 1870 by Robert Chesebrough, this true “Wonder Jelly” has been healing scrapes, burns, dryness and more for 140 years. It’s a staple in millions of households around the world.

Today, what started with a jar of Vaseline Jelly has grown into an expansive product portfolio that includes Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions™ and Vaseline Oil. However, The Healing Power of Vaseline Jelly can still be found inside every product that the Vaseline brand makes.

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