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H is for Handwashing


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Lifebuoy H is for handwash

Handwashing saves lives. It’s a lesson many pandemics have taught us. But it is also a lesson we forget very easily, which is why, this Global Handwashing Day, Lifebuoy is pledging to forever change the world’s handwashing behavior, by making a fundamental change in the way the letters of the alphabet are taught.

“No longer will the letter H stand for Horse, Hat or even Home. H must stand for Handwashing.”

Lifebuoy, has championed handwashing for over a decade, running the world’s largest behavior change program that has reached over 1 billion people globally, and they now plan to use that experience to change children’s hand washing habits for life.

As the world marks Global Handwashing day while fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of handwashing with soap has been thrust into the global spotlight. In response to the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing hands with soap and water frequently.

Lifebuoy will therefore be leaning on its expertise on handwashing behavior change among children, through this initiative called ‘H for Handwashing’ starting 2020 in Asia. In Trinidad and Tobago, this initiative will be in place as part of our further brand plans, to engage local early year students into the new alphabet teaching technique.

To spread the word, go to Instagram, use the #HforHW filter, tag #HforHandwashing and #DoTheLifebuoy. The more you post, the more educators we reach with our program.

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