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Unilever Caribbean Limited Media Release


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WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 4, SAN JUAN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Unilever Caribbean Limited (UCL) announced it will be initiating a retrenchment exercise as a result of a restructuring of its operations in Trinidad and Tobago. The decision was taken by the Board of Directors of UCL after exhaustive analyses of the current operations to ensuring the economic viability of the organisation.

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This decision has come even after a number of improvement initiatives were undertaken in all areas of the operation over the past two years. In the prevailing domestic and global competitive environment the measures have not yielded the results required to keep the company viable.

During the past six months, UCL has operated strictly in accordance with its legal requirements when contemplating such actions and as a consequence had engaged in consultation with the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU), the recognized majority union for workers employed by the company. These extensive discussions were conducted with the objective of reaching a mutually agreeable outcome in the interest of all concerned.

The company will continue to prioritise the safety of all personnel and will actively pursue the wellbeing of the people and the operations of the company. UCL will abide by and operate in accordance with all legal obligations in all matters relating to this decision.

Unilever Caribbean Limited plans to sharpen the focus of its core business to ensure long-term sustainability of its operations in Trinidad and Tobago and the region.

UCL recognises that this process has been difficult for its employees, their families, and entire communities in Trinidad and Tobago. The company extends its appreciation for the outstanding service and contribution over the past years made and reaffirms its commitment to supporting its employees during this difficult time.

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