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Dirt Is Good

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We believe every stain is the sign of memories being made, a sign of having fully embraced the moment! Those stains become the moments we treasure and ultimately are the sign of a life fully lived.

Breeze Laundry detergent provides TOUGH STAIN REMOVAL IN ONE STEP allowing you to focus on what really matters- friends, family and life experieces!

For 50 years and counting Breeze has been taking care of the laundry so you can get on with the real life stuff! Clothes are for living in...not just wearing; and Breeze helps clean your clothes so you can get straight back out there ready to experience the world!

Our unique formula in powdered detergent is effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is proven effective against Covid 19.*

*Proven effective against SARS - CoV2 viruses using 3/4 cup Breeze PD in 10L of water with a contact time of 1 hour

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